Escuela Biblica Honduras

Large Class Size can't fit in the EBH Facility

The new class at EBH is so large ... (cont.)

New Class for EBH Matriculated

EBH sign

The 2009 class of EBH (graduating Dec 2011) was inducted in a presentation by the Executive Director, Reyner Minelly, during the evening of the 20th of February, 2009.

New Executive Director for EBH Has Been Chosen

Reyner Minelly Alvarez, the new Executive Director for EBH Reyner Minelly has been chosen from a number of worthy candidates. Brother Minelly, who currently preaches at La Iglesia de Cristo de Ramón Amaya in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, took over the reins for EBH on the 1st of September, 2008. Both he and his wife, Fatima, enjoy their stays in Catacamas at the Executive Suite of the Mission Point Resource Center.

Reyner is originally from Santa Barbara, Honduras and is an 1985 graduate of Baxter Institute. He trained in Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico and has preached in Panama, Guatemala, Miami (FL), and Honduras.

Our Deepest Thanks to Marlon Molina and Eliseo Velasquez

Marlon Molina has served as acting Director for EBH for the last 2 and 1/2 years. When agreeing to work in between Executive Directors, he did not realize that it would be such a long period of service. Marlon Molina But he has always served with distinction, "as serving the Lord and not men." He has a great desire to see more men preaching where the "fields are white for the harvest" and has done a great job in helping to train them.

Eliseo Velasquez has also served with distinction as the Student Director for the last couple of years. Both Marlon and he are active evangelists Eliseo Velasquez and plan on being able to spend more time preaching and teaching the good news in their local congregations.

EBH, the Christians in Olancho, and most importantly, our Lord will always remember the generous contributions of Marlon and Eliseo to the work of preacher training.